Belki NV aims to make products that always meet current and future quality requirements of the government, the customers and the end users. This aim has been reinforced even more these past years due to various incidents that have occurred in the food industry in Belgium and abroad. Belki is well-aware of the position it takes in the chain between chicken breeder and final consumer and the responsibility related to this position.

All this has ensured that Belki made major investments these past few years in perfecting its quality system. The cornerstone of this system is the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control points) plan that guarantees that Belki always produces safe and high quality products. Our quality system is a modern given that is continuously investigating what can still be improved, after which measures are developed and implemented.

The management commits to doing everything necessary to implement the measures resulting from the HACCP plan and making the necessary effort to let the quality evolve in accordance with the standards requested by the government and the market.

“Belki NV guarantees traceability from pitchfork to dinner fork.”

In order to be able to continually follow-up the quality of our products, daily, random samples are taken in production that are analysed in our own laboratory. Based on these results, corrective measures are taken if required. These analysis results can be sent to the customers upon request.
An external, accredited, independent laboratory also analyses samples weekly to check our own lab and to meet all statutory requirements.
Belki NV guarantees traceability from pitchfork to dinner fork. This is done as follows:

The animal feed industry registers the origin of the unsexed chicks that are supplied to breeders and the feed company keeps the batch numbers of the provided feed.

Every day before the slaughter, Belki assigns the various poultry sheds a specific batch number. The batch number will always accompany the batch during processing, storage and departure to the customer on each tray or pallet and be included on the price tag.

The batch number is scanned for the customer after departure and is automatically copied on the delivery note and the invoice.

Thus tracing is guaranteed forwards and up to the customer’s level, as well as backwards to the breeder’s level, the feed used and the unsexed chicks.


The FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) is permanently present at Belki to verify the observance of all statutory requirements.

In addition to these statutory requirements, Belki also meets several other external specifications that are enforced by our customers.

Belki NV is audited several times a year by various external, independent bodies to assess whether all requirements enforced by specifications are also followed up.