Regular chicken

Our regular roasting chicken meets the following specifications;

• 100% vegetable-based raw produce, no use of meat, bone meal and/or fish meal. In addition, our feed does not contain any animal or recycled fat, in any form. Our own feed company, Joosen-Luyckx, enables us to make constant high quality feed depending on the needs of our roasting chickens.
• Worthy of Belplume (minimum specification in the Flemish roasting chicken production and marketing chain)
• The environment of the chickens is improved by bales of straw or seating platforms and full grain is scattered to stimulate their natural behaviour and activity.
• Natural daylight; we aim to equip all our poultry sheds with natural daylight by 2022.
• No preventive antibiotics are administered, only responsible use of antibiotics is allowed to treat sick animals, we follow AMCRA guidelines.
• Growth promotors such as antimicrobial agents, hormones or anabolics are of course not used.
• Short transport times of the live animals (less than 3 hr) and a respectful anaesthetic contribute to minimum stress of our chickens.
• A team of agricultural engineers and vets closely follow up our poultry farmers and make adjustments where necessary.